Nine Wine Technologies That Will Transform the Global Wine Industry


Robots in the vineyards, AI wine critics, and block chain 4x4QR codes to track wine and provide transparency to consumers. These are just a few of the topics that were presented by a panel of wine technology experts as part of a recent 2021 OIV study. Entitled ‘Digital Trends in the Vine & Wine Sector’, the study included a comprehensive survey of wineries in 18 OIV member countries along with in-depth interviews with 21 wine technology experts. The results reveal 9 major technology trends that will shape the future of wine.

According to Pau Roca, Director General of the OIV (International Organization of Vine & Wine), “The study is part of our strategic plan 2020-2024, where digital transformation appears as a catalyst … that will allow the viti-vinicultural sector, its producers and consumers, to adapt to a world threatened by the climate change crisis.” The main objectives of digitalization in wine are to: improve efficiency, productivity, and sustainability; provide more transparency to consumers, and create value propositions and new business models.

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