Napa Wine Auction Swaps Bottles for Barrels


Why bid on a bottle when you could bid on a whole barrel of rare Napa wines?

In a nod to younger, non-billionaire consumers, Napa Valley has changed its primary fund-raising event from the most bling-driven party in the wine world to a year-round membership model.

There will still be a wine auction in June, but now it will be focused on wine, not trips to the Super Bowl or backstage passes at the Oscars. It’s not going to be cheap: you have to pay at least $1000 for the right to buy tickets, and Napa Valley Vintners hasn’t decided yet how much the tickets will cost. But tickets to Auction Napa Valley – which NVV announced last year had ended after 40 years – cost up to $20,000 per couple.

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