13 Home Trends Stealing the Spotlight in 2022


Key Takeaways:

Welcome back home theaters—and say hello to yoga studios and the sophisticated lounges.
Landscaping is incorporating more native, untamed lawns and pools.
Steam ovens are a bonus for healthy meals.

Home design trends that are expected to loom large in 2022 are an evolution of what started during the pandemic when life was disrupted and more homeowners started reevaluating their surroundings. Cases in point: the rise of the home office and backyard pools.

Some hot trends started years earlier, including energy efficiency, conservation of natural resources (especially in fire- and hurricane-ravaged areas), and affordable housing.

In addition, each cohort has its own wish list—baby boomers want lower maintenance and millennials want strong broadband connectivity.

One caveat: Know that there’s no universal agreement about what’s in and what’s out, even among our pundits who offered these ideas.

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